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______________ Biody Xpert ZM - The art of bioimpedance measurement ______________



Graphical analysis of body composition

With its instructional graphical interface, simply analyze all of the body components.

Monitoring of body composition changes

Visually follow the evolutions of body composition, body measurements, energy expenditure, basal metabolic rate...

Personalized management of patient files

Create your own groups to organize, categorize and easily find your patient files with a comprehensive management interface.

Automatic acquisition of data via Bluetooth®

With wireless technology, your connected device directly sends measurements to your software.

Diet diary and nutritional analysis

The diet log entered by your patients online is automatically analyzed by the application.

Individualized meal plan

A diet recommendation is established for every patient based on their body composition and other physiological parameters.


Thanks to its patented technology, the Biody Xpert ZM® offers you unprecedented benefits.

Simplicity. The patient takes the measurement himself. The patient simply holds the device in one hand, places the other on the ankle and starts the measurement by pressing the thumb.

Speed. The measurement is almost instantaneous. The measurement items are then transferred via Bluetooth® to the processing software installed on your computer. They can also be stored in the device for further processing.

Precision. In bioimpedancemetry, the positioning of the electrodes is essential. It is therefore essential that they are placed in the same place for each measurement and that they allow the whole body to be measured by connecting the extremities (hand / foot). The patented ergonomics of the Biody Xpert ZM® the only device that allows it. The absence of cables eliminates all possible external interference. Its hyperconductive electrodes are unalterable. Its ergonomic design allows measurements to be taken in a sitting or lying position, the two most reliable positions.

Economical. No cables or self-adhesive electrodes, Biody Xpert ZM® is the first device without consumables. Technological advances bring the best performance in multi-frequency bioimpedance measurement at an exceptionally attractive price.

Compact and connected, Biody Xpert ZM® is your constant companion.

A compact design ideal for your travel and outside consultations.

Biody Xpert ZM® is a brand of Aminogram. Biody Xpert ZM® is a medical device manufactured by Aminogram.